Alessandra has spent her entire career in the healthcare industry. After 10 years as the lead surgical assistant and medical technician of a surgical team, she pursued her dreams of becoming an aesthetician.

Since 2009, Alessandra has been working in the field of dermatology as part of a team exemplifying the utmost care and compassion for patients struggling with skin conditions as well as patients simply looking to improve their skin and defy the aging process as much as possible. Alessandra routinely speaks to patients to discuss their cosmetic needs, including products for various skin concerns, laser and radio frequency procedures, and other cosmetic procedures to make every patient feel their very best. Her genuine concern for every patient allows her to treat patients as though they were her family.

When Alessandra is not helping patients, you can find her pursuing one of her many hobbies and volunteer pursuits. She is a creative chef who prepares authentic meals from scratch. Alessandra is also a lover of animals and would love to tell you about her 3 spoiled dogs. Last but not least, Alessandra strives to help veterans in her volunteer pursuits.

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